Monday 14 April 2008

****four Star Dining

One of the things I always like about being on the road in Mexico is how very basic things become, that is, once you are off the popular tourist routes and away from all the glitz and glamour. The game becomes...'is this place open for business or not?'. Most of the time, to my utter delight, it is! Yeah. And even if it isn't really open, it will be if you need something. MMmmmm...hungry? Okay, this cafe looks... well... it looks like it might, maybe, be a place to get some beans or something or at least a beer. Well, if not the Cafe Mary Carmen, how about the Cafe Vicky? I do believe that I see an 'abierto' sign on Cafe Vicky, so at least we won't be disturbing anyone's afternoon siesta. Time to be four-star dining chowboys -- a la mexicana.

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