Saturday 11 April 2009


Isla Mujeres Shelter It seems only fitting that I start out the Isla Mjujeres story with the real reason for going there in the first place. I was in search of some 'puppylove' and I needed a jumpstart to get moving out of the quicksand that I seemed mired in. When I first learned about Isla Mujeres and all that it had to offer (sun, surf, food etc.) of course it sounded good, but what really got to my heart was the island shelter run by a woman named Alison. She runs a haven (a heaven?), for Isla dogs, and sometimes cats. She does it out of her love and with lots of help from volunteers. So I knew I had to go and meet her. I also wanted to open my heart up again because well, because, I had done it once before for a Mexican puppy and it had changed my life. I was at my lowest point in my spiral downwards (boo,hoo). I can see that now. Isla Mujeres was a place I had never been to before and neither had Cowgirl. She had traveled with us almost everywhere so I had to go somewhere where I wouldn't be reminded of her whenever I turned around. Isla fit the bill. I was fully prepared to go on my own but as a whim, I emailed a friend and asked if she wanted to take a trip with me. Fully expecting a "no"...I got a "yes". Yippee, yah,ky, yah! So we were off. This dear friend of mine, needless to say was totally on the same wavelength and there was never a doubt in my mind that amazing events were going to take place on mexican time, on an island, in another world. These pictures capture some of the big love that is on this small island at Alison's sanctuary.


Joey Boshart said...

Sorry... bout the picture... you should have packed it away on the first day.

I love you G. BTW - O.R. fell in love, finally... the joy is radiating from him. Can't wait for your "radiation" therapy. Puppy love does that to you.

Hoey - the artist... and photographer

ingrid said...

That little brown marshmellow looks like a baby Indiana! She wasn't mine when she was a puppy, but an embarrased family member of the man who dumped her sent in pictures years after I took her in. (this same family member ended up taking in the other pit bull that was mis-treated and wrongly trained)
I hope you find a new love. There's certainly plenty out there to be had! I just know you're a great home for any of these pups!!!
And thank you so much for your comment. I know one day I'll have another dog. It won't even be a matter of choice, I'll simply have another pit bull. In the meantime, your words are a great help.


Sparky's Mom said...

Oh my! I would want all of them ... especially that little black one, the one with the white chin. Looks like a young Sparky to me :) Puppies make me happy...