Friday 28 August 2009

Nice to See You, Again

This is of course the obligatory, beautiful, sunset that just cannot be resisted. While traveling, I often get hit with how little we really do need to feel good. I am not doing without anything, but in reality, I possess very little. Real food, good bread, high-thread-count sheets, music, a lake, some wine, nice underwear, a body that works, solid people....well, you get the idea. This fading light is finding the very corner of my heart that needs it the most. are there.


Eric said...

That's gotta be the Blacks Hills of South Dakota... ooooooo yeah... my temporary home! Soooo good to see you my friends!!! :) May you have travel blessings wherever the road takes you!

Dog By Nature said...

Beautiful. You are so right about how we forget to feel good. Having just returned from a life changing trip myself I am in the same headspace right now.

ingrid said...

Those photos are gorgeous! And I'm sure they do not do justice to the beauty you were privileged to witness.

Thank you for sharing.

Ashley said...

oooh, pretty! love to you, auntie! xoxo

BOBOJOJO said...

Ahh the simple things Gee
Like two kids playing in the street outside of an internet cafe in a small town in mexico.
Two toy trucks, endless amounts of time,a whole barrio of watchful loving eyes, and each other.
Dang I better get the hell out of this country, before my capacity to over-analyze the hell out of everything completely disintegrates