Saturday 21 August 2010

Don't Hate me Because I Blog

I used to feel so conflicted about blogging. Before I started blogging I would destroy anything I had written down. The reason being that whenever I would re-read my writing, it always seemed so trite, so simple-minded, and so, well, so, stupid. Starting a blog and putting things out there to the 'world-wide-web', was a risk. A BIG risk. Now I think... no big deal. Although I do temper myself somewhat, this has been a such a rich experience. It has provided a great forum to work things out. The blogging community has gotten me through the darkest of days and has expanded my view of the good world. I feel grateful to have shared such intimacy with all my newly made 'blogger pals' and with all my 'real world' pals. WOW. Now this may be borderline 'trite' but hey, forgive me my trespasses and please keep on blogging. I love reading yours.


ingrid said...

I am amazed at the evolution of blogs. In my world, blogs were first a bunch of useless babble. Maybe something that made sense to a few friends. But I then saw them to be like little newsletters from bands I loved, then I saw them as a marketing tool for businesses, all the while, individuals were building little communities around their growing blogs.
It's just amazing.

I was very against putting my words & thoughts into the world wide web, but now I'm not ashamed to say I'm a blogger. I tell people how I started when my dog died and I found a way to heal, and now it's become something I enjoy, with people I enjoy.

I'm even looking to start a second blog to help satisfy all the many thoughts that ramble around in my head. Maybe no one will care or have interest, but I also thought no one would care to hear about my pain in losing my dog. What a pleasant surprise to find caring, compassionate people out there.

Yes, that's right. I'm a blogger. I read them, I write them, and I love so many of them!! yay! It's my version of the morning paper!

kevel88 said...

Well, as you constantly harass me, I am not a very consistent blogger! But you should be proud of me today cause I BLOGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember, I do get a little more drama down here than you do!!

Like we have said before, "it seemed like a good idea at the time!"


Sparky's Mom said...

Hmmm ... I still feel like that about my own blog ... extremely self-conscious, but when I look back, BOY DID IT SAVE ME LAST YEAR!

Thanks for being here!