Thursday 10 February 2011

Not Exactly Hot...

No, not exactly 'hot' in the way you expect the coastal jungles of Mexico to be in February. Pleasantly temperate. Unusually cool. Less humid. Less tourists too. Its quiet here. Except for the roosters, the dogs, the truck airbrakes, the waves. Thankfully it is not a time of fireworks or fiestas. Its more tranquil and I like that. There are some changes here that I find a little sad. One of them is that more people are speaking English...I know that is a concession that the locals make to survive but I force my Spanish on them anyway. I usually get away with it (my dark hair and olive skin helps). I want Mexico to remain a foreign country to me....does that make any sense? I want it to stay Mexico. I don't want it to be 'fixed'. It isn't broken.


kevel88 said...

I think the stairway was about the nicest part of Sonny's place. That and the view!!

kevel88 said...

Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain(cold and wind)
Sunny, you smiled at me and then it eased my pain
Now the dark days are gone and bright days are here (Cuz we moved to Sheri's)
My Sunny once shined so sincere, Sunny once so true . . . .

Sunny thank you for the truth that you let me see (scorpion in the shower)

Somehow I was torn like a wind blown sail (cause I couldn't even shut window)

You gave to me your all-which wasn't much at all
And now I feel that I'm 10 feet tall

Sonny, I will never miss you.


Sparky's Mom said...

Look at these beautiful pics! You got a great eye for these things... I love that you share with us :)

Joey Boshart said...

No puedo estar más de acuerdo. Es un país hermoso, con gente linda, y nos ayuda a disfrutar de la manera más sencilla de la vida, donde hay que ser respetuosos con lo suficiente como para tratar de hablar el idioma. Ojalá estuviera allí. Sé que estás teniendo un momento excepcional sin mí.

Your American Chica with a Chica!!!

: )

ingrid said...

Love the beaded turtles! What on earth are they?

I kind of know what you mean about Mexico changing. Not from personal experience, but from how my friends speak about places they've visited, mainly Ireland, and how I've missed out by not going with them 10 years ago. They say it's very "global" now and not so "foreign". So I imagine when that happens to a country that speaks a different language, it must be even stranger to see change.