Tuesday 14 June 2011

'Meth Lab'

Well, the snow is melted (mostly) and two of the grizzlies have been "euthanized" so we braved the trail yesterday despite the signs still being up. I went on a nice run in the opposite direction of where the bears were causing trouble and took the sacrificial dog with me, of course. She is always happy to oblige and I am fairly sure she will do her best to distract any large, furry, land mammal were we to encounter one on the trail. I am assuming she will be mesmerized by the sight and smell and will lose complete control and never even notice me hightailing it in the opposite direction. This fact is sometimes her saving grace for the many, many times she misbehaves and acts like annoying french street mime on crank....yes she is a purebred and rare, 'Meth Lab', one of the very few of this new and fascinating breed, not yet officially recognized, but nevertheless, gaining in popularity. An athletic and fearless dog with a loud, intimidating howl (used to alert us to any thing ordinary and mundane) and an uncanny ability to elude capture in a joyous display of swiftness and tight turns. Yes, my dog (aka 'MyCrossToBear') is nothing if not a delightful addition to my insanity.


Anonymous said...

You GOTTA love her!!! She's definitely an original!! Can you even imagine having no inhibition at all??????? AND not even know that you should? I love her and I haven't even met her yet. Can't wait for that day.


Lunch Break Joey

kevel88 said...

So what's a matter with a little excitement and hyperactivity. . . She loves and adores you, and wants to escape from your grasp and every chance she can get. . . . And you are surprised, because?!?!?!?

ingrid said...

What is it with these new girls? So crazy?! I sometimes wonder if I blocked out the craziness of Indiana, but I'm pretty sure she was a completely different kind of crazy.

Scarlett's getting better, but her separation anxiety is only when she's left indoors in strange places. NOT when we are out doors. She is so fascinated with all things, that I don't think she even remembers that I am with her half the time. I'm just the cumbersome lump on the other end of the leash holding her up on her adventure.

It's been a slow bonding, but I know SG and I are doing much much better these days. Of course I say that now - who knows what tomorrow will bring!