Tuesday 18 October 2011

Bumkins? Hillbillies?

It only took a week of moving, bit by bit, everyday and then...voila...it was done. It may be just a "van down by the river" but it's all ours...all 1.06 acres of it. Every moment has been spent unpacking and putting things away in the 'MO-bile' as well as long-term storage (for the winter) under the Mo-bile. Who knew there is this whole area underneath these things that you can put stuff and it stays dry and safe until you need it again! WoW. And the SHED! How can you not love the SHED? A HUGE thank you to our moving crew: Keiron (Superman), Mike (Kiwi Kamakazi), Mossimo & Bonnell (Sproule Creek Amigos mejor) and Gavin (aka the 'Gavinator'). You are all the best friends anyone could ask for. Also a big, BIG thank you to Stephanie for cooking us a 'traditional ' T0Furkey Thanksgiving dinner...yum...and to Bonnell & Gimel & Natasha & Wynn for the best 'brine-free' Thanksgiving turkey ever...OMG...and to my knitting superhero, Kathy, for the grande finale, big Canadian family Thanksgiving affair with all the trimmings...Mmmmmm. You fed us when we were tired, dirty and oh, so hungry.


Karen said...

Gina it looks so beautiful! Look how happy that dog is!
Hope to see you at knitting on Thursday??

Anonymous said...

Just seeing the CG/PG house makes it feel like home... So perfectly placed. AND PG is obviously enjoying HER yard. Ain't home ownership grand????? Love the view, can't wait to see it in person!

kevel88 said...

Got to love it!! Forgot that you have such a great view!! Can't wait to hang out there. I know you have made it your humble domiciliary edifice! You need anything?


Anonymous said...

I love it!! got any bones around?
XOXO pony!! Cant wait to sniff around!

Anonymous said...

You gotta love it! Oh, another valley couple in the woods..what to do?
Sounds like the move was smooth..bravo!

In spirit,
Lynn+Ray or Ray+Lynn

ingrid said...

WOW!!! i would LOVE a view like that! Oh man! How do I get that and still keep a job?? Looks so far away from everyone. Perfect!! SG & I have settlement tomorrow. Just another city row-home for me though. Geez, and here i was happy about the ONE tree out front of my new place. Heh.