Wednesday 16 May 2012


What I am enjoying at the moment is the wind...and I mean W-I-N-D...blowing through the valley.    The ponderosa pines and the lovely larch trees are all swaying, swaying, swaying   in the same direction and it looks very not real.    A perfectly cool evening,  in attitude as well as temperature (essentially correct) and  with the mismatched  colours of  pinky-blue&white puffy clouds.  It is all so electric, so edgy,  so very portend of things to come.

 The photo has nothing to do with the wind  except that  even random, seemingly unrelated thoughts are all connected somehow...and this sweet deer just suits me now and my fear/hope  that if we left well enough alone, most of the time,  the world would be more according to John.... Lennon, that is.   Cheers.


Anonymous said...

I will be seeing all of this soon!!

Can't wait!!


ingrid said...

What is it about the wind? It's like it defies all time. It comes and goes, and passes, and brings, and takes....

We don't really know where it begins or ends.

I like how it makes the trees sing. :)

Shelley said...

Can't wait to see all your 'ordinary' things! I SO hear you Gina! I am a simple girl who finds pleasure in the simplest things. Like taking my 3 children for a walk last night and having our cat follow us. She is SO dog like! There is just something about going for a walk and enjoying those things around you. This morning it was the donkeys and the horses all lying down. Normally they are standing up. I had to look hard as I didn't see all 9! And then checking out people's recyclables as I walked by. And the SMELLS! Oh, I love all the tree smells and rain smells and flower smells! Pure heaven!! And the sun and heat breathing down on me. My walks are simply heavenly. I love ordinary.