Tuesday 12 March 2013

Shiney Stuff & More View

Just an update on some projects that are getting completed -- it is of course the million details that take so much time.   The pictures do not reflect the hours of work already put in and the hours yet to come but hey...we are getting there. 

So enjoy the photos.


kevel88 said...

OK,MISS PRIMA GINA DONNA: You are complaining cause I did not comment yet on your blog. . . Now do you remember that some of us actually WORK!! for a living. Looks like you posted this at 9:24AM. . I left the house at 6:30AM. . . I do not have a blackberry or a the iphone 5 or an umbilical cord to check the internet each precious moment. So my question is: When was I suppose to check your blog? It is 7:30PM and I just got home from WORK. Lets see. . . you use to do that about 8 years ago!?!? Now, let me just stop everything and comment on your blog.?!?!?!
Whew! The bathroom sink is just too cute. . . but no spew. Doesn't Thom live there? So much improvement. And just love your kitchen "island". . . so creative, like you are. Is the kitchen window a little small, but much better to get more light in there. I just can't wait to see it in person. You are really improving your mobile home. Almost forget that it is a trailer!! So much fun, isn't it! So keep posting those pics. Can you do "before" and "after"? I better contact "Country Home" so that the can come and do a spread!! Is that a tin punched cupboard next to the island?
Well, you have done a fab job!! When you finish, come down here and work on mine!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Methinks kevel88 needs a drink!

Anonymous said...

OMG Kgrrll!!! We are so going to get along! July should be interesting as we will have one nag and two ranters....Oh, I guess three ranters if we count St Thom. I too have tried to explain to the Crema Donna that I do check her blog ALL the time I just don't have time to respond, post, etc. until, like now, on the weekend , when everyone else is still asleep and I'm not. Then I have the time and mindset to post. I have tried to explain the concept over and over again to the domestic, remuddling addict, Princess that a JOB really DOES interfere with ones social/cyber life. Ranting does help but I think the Mescal would too. :). Peas in a pod my friend, peas in a pod.

Anonymous said...

CDP..... I too can't wait to see this wonderland in person. I think the week Kgirl and I are there the Pig will be appropriately renamed the "dog house" since she and I will be sent, I'm sure, for "time outs". :) Very much looking forward to future pix of the magic you are creating. LOVE all the originality and functionality. It looks all "spruced up". ;) LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!!!! Hugs from SoDak. PS, I wasn't the anon that said KG needed a drink, just so you both know. However I AM looking forward to having one with her. 4 months from this moment Thom will be making a big pot of coffee while the three of us princesses will be slowly waking up for our first full day of adventure at the Casa De Crescent Valley (and spa). :) It makes me smile. :)

Anonymous said...

Looking great Gina!! You have such a way with style. I would love to bring the littles and come see it this summer. I have a friend in Nelson where we can stay...or a tent!! Hope all is well.