Saturday 5 April 2014

dear 'friends'

Anyway, here I be back for a moment from the life-sucking grip of FB.  Wowza.  It is so easy to get drawn back in and it takes a herculean effort to back away.   I am not saying I do not like it. That is the main difference this time around.   I find myself liking it and have come to appreciate how it can have its place and time. I have even added a couple of 'friends'.  I still feel that it is quite impersonal and a bit too public (which is why I find myself resorting to the private 'chat' most often).   It is a connection, of sorts, of course it is, but I guess for me it just misses the mark.   It comes close but doesn't hit home.  It just feels 'less' and somewhat lacking.   But I get it, I do and I'm in.

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kevel88 said...

But who every writes letters any more. . . Just a way to briefly touch base with folks!! And only public information.

I friend you whether you are on face book or not!?!?