Sunday 21 February 2016

Turns Out I've Been Right About Everything All Along

I started this post a few days ago and came
 up with so many examples to hammer this idea home,  but, then upon further reflection I thought what's the point?      It's only my short list of personal truths so here goes: 

* Your colon is a self-cleaning organ.  It does not need help to perform its function.     If it ever does, then you are probably pretty sick or have a really        lousy diet. 

*Exercise is good for a lot of things but not for losing weight.     
                      The only way  to lose weight is to eat less. Period.
 *The meat industry (factory farming) is a shameful and horrible fact of our modern world ( Let's include the dairy industry in this one) and needs to change -- I am doing what I can for that.
*The only reason a well fed, semi-intelligent , person with means,  becomes a hunter is because they enjoy killing animals. 
Please, will just one hunter admit this?

     * Genetics and luck are two things needed  in life to be successful and money and education  do both help a great deal.
*Sun protection  is 
the best thing you can do for your skin to keep it looking decent for a few decades.   The concept of 'anti-aging'  is marketing as its worst  (best?).
*YOGA is ridiculous.   Sorry but it is.
*Most of us are average.  Being  'special'  or 'gifted'  is a modern label applied to every child -- how can this possibly be the case?  And as George Carlin once asked "at what age does a child stop being special?"

   * It really is not possible to achieve 'anything'  you want in life.  
(see above  'genetics, luck, money,education')

*A clean home is a thing of beauty
(speaking of mine not yours and how I feel comfortable living)

*I try to be polite and kind to all living things.

*I prefer being charitable in a personal and private way.

*I do not like to talk about my personal finances.

*Your religious beliefs are your  religious beliefs. 

(and lastly for now)

    *When someone stops living, they are just gone, and that is okay.

 Okay, I may have gone on a bit here but trust me...I left out a lot of things -- stuff about friendships and family and feuds and making amends, as well as the art of many post ideas for yet another day.





kevel88 said...

And that about sums it up!! No wonder you are right about everything!!

Cowgirl said...

I know! Funny how that worked out.

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

Just discovered your blog and have to say I agree with ALL of your statements, pretty rare for me. :))

Cowgirl said...

Thanks 'spotted dog'...I thought no one was reading this!