Friday 23 January 2009


Missing so many many little moments that were so insignificant at the time, yet, when they are gone there is a pretty large empty space. Putting things into perspective more and more as the days drag into the weeks yet wanting to hold on to the silly little routines that the 'girl' and I shared. The one that comes to mind today is how she let me know, everyday without fail, that it was 5 o'clock and it was her dinnertime. How did she know that? Even when we turned the clocks forward an hour (her favorite day) she compensated for the change and still reminded me of the 'sacred' time. She didn't like the autumn so much when we turned the clocks back an hour and would complain about that until, of course, I gave in and fed her. And what about the 'self-taught doorbell' thing? In all the years we lived together, we never lived in a house with a doorbell. But, everytime Cowgirl heard a doorbell sound on the TV she would run to the front door and sit and wait for us to open it. I can't describe the look of disappointment on her face when the door was opened and there was nobody there. She absolutely adored company as any of you that knew her could attest. Then, of course there was her rule about no bath taken without her supervision. I think this one was because she was so relieved that it wasn't her in the tub and she just had to see it to believe it. I always, always got a kiss while in the tub as a thank you. I miss that, a lot. She was the funniest puppy and I so want her back.


Joey Boshart said...

Love so great is hard to let go. I lost my girl last night. How blessed are we to have known such love. And, I guarantee, that love is waiting for us again, with a new furry friend. Prepare your heart. I wrote on my blog tribute to kitty that "Only a fool would forego the love for the fear of the loss. A fool I am not." It hurts bad, but we are better people because we have experienced a love like no other.

missbehavin said...
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Jess and Brian said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for your note on my blog. I know I am due for an update but haven't quite felt up to it. I miss Tucker so much that it makes my heart hurt sometimes. I miss him all the time. I can't believe it has only been a month since he passed ... I feel like it has been years. I hope you are doing okay. I totally understand what you are saying about finding the flea meds in the refrigerator. I found one of Tucker's whiskers in one of our guest rooms the other day and lost it.

ingrid said...

Why are they so special?
How do they do it?

I feel so broken with out my Indiana, like I'm just not myself.
Your pictures make me sad, but happy as well. It's such a special and powerful love. Going through my photos has really helped me focus on our amazing times together rather than my current time alone.

Thanks for sharing your story. It helps me somehow.