Wednesday 18 March 2009

Holiday Madness

I need to talk about how frustrating technology can be sometimes. My dear friend, Joelle, and I have been trying now since we returned from Isla Mujeres to get the pictures from her camera to me, and my laptop. Do you think that two fairly intelligent people ( well, me being the fairly intelligent one and her being the real smarty pants) can figure out how to do this? Obviously, the correct answer is 'NO'. So I am just going to do the best I can to just chat with you about what we did, who we met, things we ate and how it looked. Simply put, the ocean was the most beautiful color blue ever. Even in the pictures (I have actually seen them) the color does not look real. The temperature was just perfect and the water was crystal clear. The beaches were clean except for the occasional bits of plastico that Mexico is so famous for, and some rebar and some large cement building blocks half-buried in the sand and various bits of flotsum & jetsum. Not bad for a part of the world that regularly gets destroyed by hurricanes. In fact, the island for being so exposed and battered by the elements, looks remarkable. I need to mention that this time spent on Isla Mujeres with my dear friend was for me a turning point in what has been kind of a traumatic year. Without delving into the sordid details (already been talked to death), let's just say I was spiraling down and didn't feel able to stop the ride. For the first time in my life, I wasn't able to see my way back to me. Living in this state of distress was not an option. With a little help from my friends (and you know who you are) I am happy to report....I'M BACK ! Okay, more on the holiday in posts to follow and who knows maybe, just maybe we'll be able to figure out how to transfer pictures. This is probably why I should of had a kid!


ingrid said...

Oh that's not fair that you can't transfer the photos!!
Are you both on the same type of machine? Mac or PC? You should be able to zip them, but I'm completely guessing here. . . . My friend out in Chicago uses Flicker so I can see her shots, and she has also, in the past, sent me a disc of all the photos.

In any case. . .glad you had so much fun!! Nice photos, you look happy! I've never been (to Mexico that is, not happy) so I'd love to see the photos!

Glad you found your friends again and more importantly- yourself. Without saying to much. . I'm sure she's happy to see that you are happy!!


Ginger Hokule'a "Gigi" said...

Auntie Gina, it's sooo very nice to see you smiling again!!!
...But yes you could have brought home a little cousin for me. from Mexico, so next time I come and hang out with you guys, while my mom & dad are taking (one more!) training, I would have a buddy....
Well, I guess I will have to wait a little longer for that...
Luv u & warf!...... Gigi.

Eric said...

Dem are some good lookin' chica's... and that ceviche... yum! I'm looking forward to going next for some "mundo submarino"! Hope all is well wit you guys! :)