Tuesday 10 March 2009

Out of the Woods

Ahhhhhhhh. Back from the heat and humidity and utter chaotic beauty and absurdity of Mexico to the lovely, crisp, cold, white north. My two weeks away was precisely what the doctor ordered and the patient is resting comfortably and her prognosis is good. My send-off by David Byrne couldn't have been more perfect -- to see and hear him perform a mere arm's-length away from me was a dream come true. I believe that night got me out of the wilderness of despair and opened the door to "a million possibilities" (to quote DB himself). More tall tales to follow regarding my BIG FAT MEXICAN ADVENTURE as soon as I get my thoughts in some sort of order. Perhaps, manana?

1 comment:

ingrid said...

Sounds perfect!!!

I'm not quite ready for great adventures of any kind, but I'm trying to at least aim in that direction. It's been two months exactly since Indiana left me. ugh.

I look forward to your Mexico stories!!