Wednesday 22 July 2009

Haute Couture... the Garden Variety

What is it about some images of ourselves that really please us? So many times I see a photo of myself and I am astounded by how unlike 'me' I look. But this picture I think conveys a lot of what is going on with me these days. My snide attitude (note the puss on that face) is clearly evident, as is what can only be described as my devil-may-care style. What has happened is a delightful and lovely descent into a casual and utilitarian sense of fashion. Rubber boots not only for rainy days, baggy long-shorts for bending and tugging, bandana for keeping the bangs at bay, sunglasses just because I always, as in always, wear my sunglasses and of course, a little lipstick because as every girl knows, a little lipstick goes a long way.


ingrid said...

Fashion can make us look acceptable, pretty, attractive.

But function makes us real, and desirable.

Lipstick, (practically a necessity) makes us proper ladies.

That's my take on things anyway.

kevel88 said...

Now I helped you get those fashionable boots!! I thought you had a crow on your head and then I noticed it was your ponytail. Hows your garden growing. I am enjoying the fruits of our labors!

BOBOJOJO said...

Perhaps Gee you might want to put a trowel in monkey boy's hands and put them to work in a more, oh how should I say it, creative, and less self indulgent manner.
Oh yeah and maybe put a pair of pants on the litle bugger.
For the neighbors sake of course.

Hey why is there a crow on your head?

Eric said...

Awww come on... that'sa Native BC Indian headdress! ha ;)