Thursday 2 July 2009

Momentary Joy

There is a lot of time on a road trip to think especially when one is the passenger. Driving into northern British Columbia via the rolling countryside and the curly-q highways brings on a calm and nostalgic state of being. Even the loaded logging trucks have a certain rhythm & rhyme when they rumble past. But one thing is pretty clear...a road trip without a dog is hardly a road trip in the true sense of the term. I keep looking in the back and expecting to see the girl and then I remember. For a moment there is the always-mine sadness, then I shift and I see all the things we enjoyed. All the things we still enjoy. Together. Now. This moment.


ingrid said...

I think, perhaps, we loved our friends too much. And their power and purpose in our lives, was too great, the happiness too overwhelming. Why else would the end of a life, that we well knew would arrive one day, effect us so gravely? And while my mind can sometimes rationalize and understand the natural occurrence of death; my heart cannot.
This tends to make many things very difficult, yet at the same time. . . . . yet at the same time. .. .

There are still those precious wonderful moments when it is not a memory, and it is shared, and it is in the present, the now.

I'm so glad you feel the same way with Cowgirl. I really am.

BOBOJOJO said...

Que paso Vaquera
Twenty-Five years and two million miles on the hiways, biways, backroads,and cities of this continent and i still get a kick out of the open road. When I move out onto a on-ramp, climb up through my gears, squeeze my truck onto the interstate,I allways ask myself why the hell I do this, and at the same time wonder why the hell everyone else doesn,t. The road is lonely and the freedom becomes a drug, but it is not without it's rewards.
Fill your frontseat with cornchips and coffee, your backseat with memories, and listen to your wheels Gee, they never lie.

The G-man
Posting soon.

BOBOJOJO said...

Hey Gee
Glad you like the book.
Hope you can get something useful from it, although I'm sure everything pertinent, and of any social importance, could be found in Angels 101. Grossly underated volumn of literature. I understand it is now required reading in F.A.A. approved, aeronuatical flight training instituitions. Basically, when all else fails let your angels fly the plane. I'm not sure why we just don't have them take-off, and land the aircraft while they're at it, but what do I know about angels.

I'm back in the kooteneys for a short while, then off to Toronto for a bit. Family emergency.
Anyway mayby see you here.

P.S.....There is new marker board at the gym. Easier to maintain a more...AHEM.... how shall I say, organized itineray. No excuses now.
Did you have some input here Gee??

Blogging soon. Dios por ahora