Monday 22 June 2009

A Simple Diversion

Let's take a little time out for a fun distraction. A mindless reflection on simple, shiny, dangly objects. In the grand scheme of things it always pleases me when I can totally obsess on what is, in reality...insignificant. Why am I in lust with these earrings? This is one that I am going to have to turn over to a higher power as it baffles me. Maybe it is the fact that they are such small things and bring me such joy...such, joie de vivre...such, je ne sais quoi pas. It could be that to zoom in, is to zoom out the rest of the world and take a breather from the dreary day-to-day stuff & junk. Every once in awhile a little silliness might be just what the doctor should order.


ingrid said...

C'est parce qu'ils sont amusants et tres beaux ! !!
Ah oui!

I'm sure I butchered that sentence, but it HAS been ages. . . .

In any case, SO odd that I too have recently acquired new earrings!!!! I'm so excited to wear them!! It's the perfect distraction.
I think jewelry brings me back to age 5, when "dress up" was a game and life was soooo fun and innocent! So full of WONDERFUL.
I may be at home in jeans, boots, and a t-shirt. . .but just give me some glorious, shinny, dangly gems and the other Ingrid is alive!!!

And Gina - thanks so much for your comments! Once again; you brought me to tears. But they were healthy tears, very healthy tears.


Becca said...

Fun earrings. I liked your facebook post. You put it well. I thought I was the only one who had a problem with it!

Joey Boshart said...

Fun distractions are ALL around us... Stop and just watch the people around you some time... if they're not magical, their hilarious in their striving and aggrevation. I couldn't agree more with simple things brining great pleasure. As Gee knows I have too much stuff... but give me a flower to ponder, a leaf, even a twig... God forbid a baby of any kind.. human, kitten, puppy... I'm amazed, overjoyed, overwhelmed with the blessing of creation... ya, I said it... I'm a Creationist... I'm sorry.. If we came from monkeys... WHY ARE THERE STILL MONKEYS????!!!! Perplexing isn't it? Anyhow, reminds me of a joke... A couple got married and the husband was a "Darwinian" and the wife was a "Christian"... their little girl went to her dad and said "Daddy, where did we come from?" to which her father responded accordingly... all about the big bang, evolution, monkey to man, etc. She later approached her mother, and asked the same question,"Mommy, where did we come from?" to which her mother responded accordingly... all about Creation, the Garden of Eden, the big, famous serpent (you thought I was gonna say tree, didn't you?)... Anyway, the daughter then said to her mother... "That's funny mommy... daddy said we came from monkeys.." to which her mother responded..."Oh honey.. that's your daddy's side of the family." Ba-DA-Bump!

I, to be honest, am not concerned with the stories of from whilst I came. I only care about where I am going and what my "dash" looks like. Jesus, Rick, Gina, and Jenny are my "dash" editors.... they help me along my way. Thank you Gee. Love you.

PS.. I know I sometimes act like a monkey (which totally goes against my belief) with my night-time "chimp attacks" and goofy behavior, but the Bible covers me... it says "God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise." and honestly... I LOVE being foolish in lovely things.

Joey Boshart said...

Oh, I almost forgot... I LOVE THE BLING!!!! Get it... shiny things.. You were the one who showed me how to "beddazzle" after all... trailer-girl... I knew you had it in ya!

ingrid said...

Oui. Je parle en petite Francais, mais un peu seulement. Oui.. J'ai étudié dans l'école secondaire. Pour cinq ans!. Il y a longtemps J'ai une bon ami qui habit au France qui essaie d'aider.
(and I taught Indie French too!!)

And yet. . .I still suck for the most part.

In any case, you are correct my friend. I did not think that "a good day" was possible. And yet, again tonight, conversation turned to dogs. . .then to my past. . and people who've only just met me, were told about my dog. My one manager, at our happy hour stated: "Ingrid is very professional, we do not cross lines around her. All I know about her personal life is that she once had an awesome dog. . ."

Ah oui, J'ai aime mon petit chien, elle etait mon coeur.. . . . .

also. . today I wore my new earings and loved the power of thier glorious dangle!! So simple, and yet so wonderful!

You - my distant friend - are awesome.

Eric said...

Oh my word... bedazzle shmazzle... Hey Thommie you see the new LD power plant? :) That's what I'm talkin' about!!

BOBOJOJO said...

SWEEEEEET adornments Gee.
what kind of reception do you get with those babies?
moved to kansas. horrible place.
no place to blog. moving soon to denver. god i miss the kootenays.
keep everyone in line at the gym, Gee, and make sure they stick to the designated time allotments. Don't you just hate cheaters.
what do those puppies on your ears weigh in at?
chow Gee
seriously ... spectacular rings

The G-Man

Appalachian Muse said...

Just so I know, before I make the leap (and bore yet another hole in the cranium)
Left is right, and right is wrong?