Sunday 14 June 2009

Solid as a Rock

I have never been what I would call a 'spiritual' person. I have trouble believing in what I can't see, touch or hear. But something is changing and it is weird and I need to talk about it. In my circle of 'dog blessed' friends (and you know who you are) I am getting more and more, the sense of a certain departed soul morphing into me. Yes...the soul/presence/essence of another is worming its way, quite physically, into me. It pleases me to say that it is a comforting sense of peace and somewhat soothes the rawness of her loss. I felt the void of my dear little girlfriend most recently and its loudness and vastness spoke to me. Hence, I have started collecting rocks from all the places that we visited together as a team and it will be our memorial. Life, as sweet as it is, is quite lonely without my Cowgirl.


kevel88 said...

As we came back into Nelson, I thought we would see her bounding out to the driveway. I miss her,too.

Joey Boshart said...

I too have felt your pain, just today. I long for my Nai-Nai, everyday. I want her to be on my pillow, in my face, on my keyboard... but she's, painfully, gone. I cleaned part of my garage out and found a coffee can full of rocks, shells, beach glass, etc that we (I whilst she was with me) collected on our way to our new home....and the first thought I had when I saw it was "she was with me when I collected these". Tonight I told the "girls" (Syd and Chica) that I loved them deeply but I really missed my Nainey... tragically missed her, that I needed a baby kitty and they would have to be her mommy should Rick ever decided we could give it a go again. Loss sucks. It's a funny thing how fur grounds us.

BOBOJOJO said...

Hola Vaquera
I know you've heard ir before Gee, but this too shall pass. I hope it gets easier for you.

Spirituality is at it's best when there is no tangible evidence.
One of the last great, true mysteries that we have left. And what is living without the adventure of a fantastic mystery.



Oh, btw, would it help if I wore my cowboy boots with the cycle shorts or no? It's all in the accessories I'm told. If it works for the Queen why not me. Can't believe I just thought that.
I'm shopping for new shorts now Gee,and today might be a good time for you to put in a new gym sock order.

Peace Out
The g-man

ingrid said...

That is a beautiful picture.
Even more so now that I know where the rocks are from.
It's funny that you mention your not a spiritual person. For me, it was through my dogs that I found my faith. As if that was their purpose. Of course it took me a couple decades. .

It's a rather long story, which I would love to share with you one day, but I do not doubt that the purpose of the puppy in my life when I was 5 years old and the purpose of my recent Indiana Jones were somehow tied together.

You may argue that animals do not go to heaven. Well I say you may be right. They do not go to heaven, but that is simply because they are an actual part of heaven. And incarnation of everything good and beautiful and purposeful. Of all the wonders and miracles of the earth - only the dog has the most success in getting close to and building a relationship with a human.

Not everyone feels that way, and that's fine. But blessed are those of us that see and except dogs (and all pets) for the miracles they are and except them into our hearts. Because as you personally know; once in, they never leave.

And yet; we are human. So when our physical world has that horrible emptiness, it is terribly difficult to ignore and heal. I find it to be an exasperating and exhausting conflict. One that makes us collect rocks, visit trees, sleep on old dog beds, and/or throw sticks in a lake for no one.

It almost makes me laugh. . . . .