Thursday 18 June 2009

the 'LIST'

Every once in a while I like to play a little game with myself. I call it ' worst case scenario'. The game goes like this: I have lost everything. No money. No stuff. No nothin'. I then take inventory of who in my life I know, will help questions asked. So, in my head, I list those people, not in any particular order, just as their images come up. Once again...disaster is averted. I am comforted by knowing that I do indeed have options and directions and most important 'a family' of sorts. An unconventional family made up of blood relations & chosen relations. My very own tribe, I guess. So what does this have to do with anything? Not much, other than an exercise in putting one of my own special little insanities on display. But then again, if I look at it another way I hope that there is someone connected to me that has me on their 'list'. The pictures are of a recent road trip a bit north of here. Even if I had nothing, I would still have this. Sweet.


kevel88 said...

You will always be on my list!!
Love the pics!

ingrid said...

My list was Indiana.

I'm blessed with great friends and family, but there's a difference between those that would help you through the horror, and those that make you not care about the horror. (or even notice it)

BOBOJOJO said...

Nice pics Gee.
My old stomping grounds on the magnificent Slocan Lake.
If memory serves me the south end looking northwest.
Don't know how much help I'd be, on the doomsday scenario front Gee, given my complete perpensity to avoid any form of responsible behahavior, but I'd be honored to be on your list. I wont have to fill out any forms will I?
Oh yeah, and tuesdays are no good for me either....(bowling league)
I'm sure the folks in charge of the apocalypse are schedule sensitive.

Fun socks you say Eh?

P.S. Finally went to work.
Hope to post tommorow....Chow Gee

BOBOJOJO said...

Did you buy some crops from the farmers up the Slocan Valley Gee
Me thinks they not really farmers
Me not know know how to make undeline go bye bye, once me ask underline to go on paper
Me truck driver/wannabe storm chaser

Nice to see your out of your end of the world funk Gee, but, boy howdy, you sure get to the other end of the pool in a hurry

good for you girl

ingrid said...

Your comment made me cry. But I guess all journey's must come to an end sometime. And maybe I never would have been ready. So you're right, "all things considered, it was [indeed] a good journey".

thanks Gina.

Joey Boshart said...

I have two lists... two funeral lists. 1) the ONE I want to see after I die 2) the ones that will show up to celebrate my Graduation Day.

Living is the bigger worry, the harder part.... I think Ingrid would agree?

I have no doubt who would be on my "horror" lifeline on this side of our great "mystery" of life. I can count the few, very few on one hand. It's not that more aren't "worthy" of being on the list, it's just that over the years I've found a truth. A true friend is the one who comes when the whole world has gone out... and honestly.. there are less than 5 I can truly, without reservation say, would "show up", take residence, and truly, help me. The others, no shame. They just have other things going on... families, their own tragedies, struggles, lives. In fact, having said that, there are 3 who would find me at the bottom of my bottle, the end of my rope, who would crawl in bed with me and hold me until I healed up. Granted they may smack me "outta my shit", in love, of course, but they would love at all times. Because they've loved through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Obviously, one of them is Gee, she's on my list....she's definitely one of my "people". I wonder if I am on hers. I hope so. I don't have much, but what I have, I shall share... a really good book I read said that true joy is in giving, showing up, even if you just sit there and hold ones hand, even if you just help your friend. The greatest gift is in what we give, not what we receive. GET ON SOMEONE'S LIST. BE THEIR PEOPLE.

Hugs to all of you... strangers to me, friends of my friend. Good peeps, no doubt.

ingrid said...

Too true. Too true.

I consider myself very fortunate then because I would cross the world to be there for quite a few individuals.
Some family included.
Yes, I'm very fortunate then because I would raise the shield and sword and dive into the fray to fight the good fight for at least 5 friends off the top of my head. Or sit the quiet sit if need be.
So while I may not have that individual who makes all the ugly seem invisible, the depressing seem silly, and the sorrow miniscule, I have dear dear friends who have indeed been my knot at the end of the rope.

Cheers and thanks to all of them, and to everyone here feeling the reality and taking note of truths and valuables in our lives.