Friday 9 October 2009

I Spam Therefore I am

Forgive me for having some fun with 'effects'. My old camera (oh my, almost 7 years old!) is still working just fine and its hard for me to give it up and get a newer, smaller, slimmer model. This photo taken on the last road trip through Montana just brings me back to the moment -- it was hot, it was desolate, it was actually kind of boring. There are some parts of Montana (wheat) that just seem to go on forever. Therefore the perfect time for self-portraiture (is that even a word?). We've all done it, mostly because we can, I guess. Of course I am left asking the existential question 'does this background make me look fat?'.
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kevel88 said...

No, it makes you look boring. . . Did you have your leggings on?
Don't forget to put me on your links. .


Appalachian Muse said...

As I tell sweetie, " no dear, your fat makes you look fat"

but, I suspect that will goes as well with you with as it does her.

My political-incorrectness (is THAT a word?) probably explains my lonely-boy situation.