Tuesday 10 November 2009

Keeping the BadThings at Bay

Maybe its the names of places around here...Devil's Punchbowl, Boiler Bay, Road's End and my current favorite Cape Foulweather, or its the wind and the rain, in combination, the whole night through that spin me into bad dreams. But lately, the big bad wolf has been at my door. I don't really put much stock in dreams foretelling the future or any such thing but it is always interesting where the mind does go in the dark of night. It is almost as scary as some of my secret fantasies (yes, those kind, and no, I am not going there). A thought just did occur to me. Maybe, just maybe, it is the wild mushrooms we have been eating that are the culprits. Those delectable specimens that all the local mushroom hunters have assured us are quite edible and grow all over the place. They are good, let me tell you. Sauteed in olive oil, butter, with garlic, shallot and some hot red chiles, a little fresh parlsey and a squeeze of lemon, then served with a nice crusty baguette. Oh, and don't forget the wine -- either a dry, chilled chardonnay or a heavier, deeper red. Not too picky as both are good choices. The 'King Boletes' are the ones we are gorging on, and the orange ones with the white spots are the 'Fly Agarics' that we just look at and admire. Oh, and just so you know, none of my bad dreams has so far come to pass, so mushrooms are still on the menu.


ingrid said...

Oh The Dreaming.
Blessed are the nights when my mind is truly at rest.. . . .

Dog By Nature said...

Don't eat them too close to bedtime:) Nice way to cook them up though, mmm.

BOBOJOJO said...

I have and never will trust spores, but in a marino sauce I simply can't refuse.
Been busy on the ocean Gee.
Fishin fool
Blog soon.Need photos.
Why am I writing in a monosyallabic tone?

Sparky's Mom said...

Devil's Punchbowl? Hah!

Glad you're having a good time over there ;)