Friday 27 November 2009

Pokey Puppy Attacked Again !

Some things are just not to be understood. For instance, what is is about this particular stuffed animal that seems to drive dogs insane? This adorable, little thing has had its face ripped apart and sewn back together THREE times. Cowgirl could almost not be in the same room with this thing. If she caught a glimpse of it she became obsessed with getting it and killing it. Let me say here that normally, a stuffed animal person, I am not, but I really like this one and maybe that is its attraction, plain & simple. I like it and therefore it must be destroyed? Well, the other day little Miss PonyGirl spied it for the first time. I watched as it happened. The gears in her head started spinning, her eyes widened in disbelief (?) or was it desire, and in no time flat, she was on it. If I hadn't been there to wrestle it away from her and we are talking 'WWF' here, this pup not only would have killed 'pokey' but I am fairly certain, she would have eaten it. The legacy lives on.


Eric said...

So where did that lil critter come from... maybe that's the problem! Heehee Glad to know you guys are alright!

Dog By Nature said...

Some of ours would have left nothing to sew back together, LOL! The best part of stuffies is ripping them apart so she has that part down pat:)

kevel88 said...

Too cute. Where have you been? I miss you. I can't believe that you don't have internet access. Anyway, sounds like ponygirl is happy.



Sparky's Mom said...

Hahhha, how very sweet! I love it. I think we all have a stuffed animal like that ... Sparky owned a big, fluffy, brown wood-rat that he proudly paraded around with ... but right before Christmas, he would always switch it up with a fluffy, stuffed Christmas tree ... They are so sweet!!!! And silly!!!!!!!!

Joey Boshart said...

Pokey Puppy... the lil Pound Puppy that carried Cowgirl through our babysitting adventure in Portola Hills, CA back in the day. You should write a book "Further Adventures of Pokey Puppy and Friends" Or.. "and killers". : )

I think Pokey is just too cute that we all want to "eat them up". I found another one. Syd saw it and "BAM!!!" She was on it and the collar was chewed off. It must be like a lil baby... you just want to kiss their faces off. I'll send photos of Syd's Pokey just for laughs.. and yes, it too is off limits.

BOBOJOJO said...

Welcome back Vaquera
Sounds like someone needs to visit a therapist.
The dog not you Gee.
Let the rage loose.
Who knows what demented fantasy conjurs up this type of malevolent
behavior. I do know I could have used a stuffy or three during my divorce.

My blog comes out in the porn rag tommorow.
I'll save you a copy.

G-Man out