Tuesday 12 January 2010


As these photos clearly show...the 'puppy' is winning. There is just something so irresistible about cuddling in bed with a dog. Oh, come on, its true and as hard as we try to enforce the 'no dog in the bed' rule, they simply wear us down. The problem with PonyGirl is that she is still growing and has the longest legs of any dog around...ever. Even she has problems with where to put those legs when sleeping. Consequently, she is getting most of the bed. So, things may have to change in the near future. I know that will be a struggle but she does choose, on her own, to sleep elsewhere about every other night (blessed bliss). I am hoping that means she is just as uncomfortable with multiple sleeping partners as the rest of us. Bon nuit mes amis.


kevel88 said...

Now if she is taking up most of the bed, where is Tom. . . . She is so adorable. We love her!!


Joey Boshart said...

I couldn't agree more! Doggy snuggle time is the BEST. Mostly because they're such dorks and bury their noses in the pillows and blankies... then look at you will silly eyes like they've gotten away with something. She is adorable, so I'm sure she gets away with whatever she wants.

Eric said...

What the heck... is this male replacement therapy? I guess DOGS are better then men... NOT! NO dogs in bed I say! Whatever!!!!! :)

Joey Boshart said...

Mr. Eric sounds a little cranky. No dogs in bed = no fun. He's funny because... don't be fooled, even he snuggles with his little polar bear pup, Syd. She's just not allowed to get on his pillow. Which of course, is her favorite thing on the bed.

I read a sign in my neighbors house the other day it said...."Got my horse. Got my dog. Who needs a cowboy?" Kids and dogs always seem to get in the way of men. :)

Sparky's Mom said...

I love your little pony girl with those looooong legs :) What a little sweetheart ... btw, Sparky, when he got older, would choose to leave the bed after an hour or so, and yep, I think I was "annoying" him... LOL

Unknown said...

Wished Pony Girl was here now to keep me company! Better than the company i have?......and more intelligent! he he

Sparky's Mom said...

Hi Gina,
thank you so much for your note. It put a smile on my face. :)
I'm just finishing up bar review, the exam is Feb 23 - 25. It's been crazy and I miss posting things. But I see you've been well?! And little Ponygirl too!

I'm saving your posts for after the bar ... I'm looking forward to catching up with you and your pup.

Lotsa hugs.