Wednesday 20 January 2010

I Just Want Vegetables

When your life is on one of those really smooth patches and you're just gliding through the trees, it pays to take a step back and really savor the moment. Well, the past week spent at 'the Farm' was just so delightful for all of us that it deserves a comment or two. The Squash Soup made with homegrown butternuts and all sorts of good vegetables and seasoning made by the K-grrl was to die for. The brand-new, better-than-original motorhovel door fashioned by the 'SteelKing' is beyond belief. The value of letting our puppy learn how to be a 'real farm dog' and get filthy, dig trenches, and just exhaust herself everyday was better than any 'dog trainer' we could have hired. The 'happy day' massage with my new favorite vietnamese immigrant was indeed a happy ending to my aching head. But most of all was the time given so freely and so generously to our every whim (ie. "let's go sheet shopping", "we need a dog bed", "oooh, Trader HoHo's coffee"). I think to be loved in such a way is something of an honour and I want it known how humbled I feel. Apparently, you can pick your family as well as your friends...Yay.


kevel88 said...

Wow! What a picture. People might think that was you two in the 70's. Ha! Nice tribute. You forgot your chopsticks!! Maybe I can collect some more at your favorite lunch spot- "viet hurl". Guess Mr. T will just have to use his fingers. The weather has just been horrible since you went away! Hurry back.
Mi casa, su casa!

your twice removed cousin-in-law

Joey Boshart said...

Ok... I think I really, really, really need to meet K-girl (BTW you have a much nicer nickname for her!!). Kevel88 seems right up my alley. It sounds like a funny farm! Well, a "health food" funny farm. Glad you're enjoying your winter travels. Love the blog and the "famous" moments you are having. Hugs - Ho Ho Jo

kevel88 said...

Aren't you getting a little lazy with no blog? I want to see a pic of "the girl" running on the beach there in Encinitas. Now don't get in too much trouble with Chad and the gang.