Monday 11 October 2010


Today I am trying to figure out how to protect myself from this feeling of suffocation. Let me try to explain. I am being suffocated by FOOD. Someone in my family (hint: it is not me) has a food hoarding addiction and is filling the basement with it. There are canned tomatoes, packages of pasta, cans of pumpkin, gigantic bags of flour, surplus baking supplies, bags of coffee, sacks of potatoes, a huge jar of marinated artichoke hearts and other stuff I am starting to forget about. In addition, I have my own small stash of homemade jams and garden tomatoes which is what the basement is for, in my mind. Every time 'this person' goes out, I am in fear of what he will bring home to store in the basement. Inevitably, he returns with some 'deal' that he couldn't pass up because it is something we use and will need again in the into the basement it goes. Things are starting to get piled on top of other things. This is BAD. Of all the things that aggravate me, and trust me, there are many, this one thing is my worst nightmare. How do I get it to stop? or at least to slow down? I have tried pretty much all approaches except... the ultimatum. Now, here's the kicker...he wants to get a freezer! Where is the oxygen tank?


Joey Boshart said...

Tis the season... TO GIVE... Even Nelson MUST have a "food pantry", soup kitchen kinda thing that desperately needs YOUR donation THIS HOLIDAY SEASON... Share Thom's LOVE... Trust me.. I've worked soup kitchens, they need everything and ANYTHING you have to share... just sneak it out as fast as he is bringing it in... SOUP Kitchens around the area will L O V E You.

Love you both for who you are, and what you do, and what makes you "tick",

xxoooxxxoox from the Ho Ho in SoDak

ingrid said...

I've heard of people who are addicts to clothing sales, but food? I think my brother in law is a bit guilty, but not nearly as severe. At least the food you have is healthy. My poor sister has to deal with cartons and cartons of pop-tarts, and 5 gallons of an orange juice brand she hates, not to mention the truck loads of Peanut Butter cups.

You could open a little inn/tavern and share all your goodness with others! I've always wanted to open an inn and serve homemade food. But I don't have tons of food sitting around.

(or I could just give you my address :) - I always have an appetite!)

Good Luck!

Chad said...

Hey, who needs a freezer...just wait a week and store it all outside

kevel88 said...

And I was so excited cause you got rid of all that spew from "heli-man" that was crammed into that little space. Maybe you should move it all back. Tell the landlords that you have some extra storage place.. . .Quick.

Guess we all have our "addictions"!?!? For Mr.T that "on sale" stimulates that nucleus accumbens in the brain and has to just put him into ecstasy.

You would think on his retirement income, he would be in tears when he parts with a looney. . . but alas. Better move out to Krestova and lock up the battery to the car.

Meanwhile, have a party of artichoke hearts, papas fritas, and tomato soup!!


Sparky's Mom said...

Are you sure you're not rooming with my dad? LOL.

Unfortunately, I don't think it's something that you can "fix" unless the person is ready to fix it himself... You might as well compare this to an addiction that actually requires a professional to break the habit.

Shelley said...

Oh Gina! I love how you write and express yourself!! DId he purchase you the O2 tank yet??:)-!! No advice from me I'm afraid. I'm living with an uncle that uses my grandma's money to live the vida loca and is eating all the food!! I have since confiscated that luxury and he would LOVE to have your basement! Now he is eating eggs, milk, bread, deli ham and processed cheese. Oh, have things changed!!