Sunday 27 March 2011


Lately, I have been thinking (obsessing some might call it) about having a place of my own to call 'home'. Well, to be truthful, I never really have not thought about it, I have just pushed it to the background for a few years now. Why? Well, just to keep the peace & tranquility, I guess. But, you know how it goes with denial...eventually, it rears its ugly head. Admittedly, we have a sweet little spot of wonder here and to choose to leave it for no good reason except that it is not really 'ours', is a hard pill to swallow. But, as good as it is, it is too small for two people and a dog. I just need a bit more interior space, not to fill it up with I have enough stuff for any size house and the thought of it spread out in a bigger space is quite exciting. I have pared down so much over the last few years yet I still have, in bins, some beautiful useful items that I haven't had room for in this tiny place. I would like to see them again and to use them again. I promise to hold on to 'simplicity' as my mantra, even with more square footage. I have so many out-of-the box ideas for 'home' and it is frustrating to not get to try them out. I find myself stopping at a certain point in a project and saying to myself...'that's enough...this isn't your house'. Ingrained 'nature' is so obvious. So, what then? Well, my 'nature' tells me to plod on forward and wade through the mechanics of the mountains of paperwork (mortgage loan papers) and see if it can happen. Maybe the question is, should it happen?


Joey Boshart said...

Home...It is something every soul should my RV sign says..."Be it ever so humble..there is no place like home." WE love our traveling home, our RV, but we also love our permanent home, be it ever so close to the interstate, it has great views, and a humble mortgage, and my beloved horse a hop, skip, and a jump away...ready to play... We sat, today, in our beloved jacuzzi, reveling in the beauty of our view, and blessedness. A week ago we sat on our balcony, with our friend Elaine, enjoying a "summer" day on the first day of spring, with 70 plus degree, we sat in our hot tub in the freezing fog, relishing the view and knowing it WILL change in the next week. Both of us enjoying that we LOVE it, regardless of it's PMS seasons. Gee.. YOU make the home... I mean , YOU and TEEE... It matters not where you are, but how you feel when you are there.I love the SITC pad, with the phenom views and great carport.... but I can't wait to see your new digs. You can pimp a tent, if you know what I'm sayin'

Love you... can't wait to see your new "barn" conversion, or new digs... Please let there be somewhere close for a horse. :)

kevel88 said...

Yes!!! Look for a house and turn it into your home. You need your space. The dog likes to spread out and not to mention that Mr. T would love to stock a large pantry with all the "sale" items that he can't pass up.

Maybe I could even sleep on your couch or in the hovel on you land!!

GO FOR IT!! It is a glorious quest!


ingrid said...

If you can, I think you should. Not only for the financial ownership, but for the artistic freedom.
I mean, sure, home is where the heart is, but if that's really true, shouldn't you be the owner of your heart?

i hate renting . . .

Cowgirl said...

Thanks girly, girlfriends !!!

Anonymous said...

Gina... why did you stop blogging????