Tuesday 5 April 2011

Hahaha...you so funny!

It appears that I have been missed...yah! I love it. Well I am about to use the excuse that all of my funny, funny friends have been using.... I HAVE BEEN BUSY. Yes, too true. I won't even go into what it is that I have been doing but suffice to say IT IS IMPORTANT. It also involves paperwork and gathering of all kinds of numbers as well as some running around. Okay, I am still having fun and did recently go on my last x-country ski. (See cute apres-ski photo...is my nose really that big?) Now, the skiis are put away as the snow is almost completely gone. Then there is some secret stuff that I can't blab to everyone about on the internet. ...and I have been dressing up the dog, sort of. It seemed funny at the time although she is none too happy about it.


kevel88 said...

I am going to turn you in for pony-girl abuse. Can't you see she feels like a fool?

I took Ben to the groomers today. He was so excited to ride in the car, then he saw where he was and put on the brakes. They just love him there and he came out looking so svelte.


ingrid said...

BAH hahaha!!! Oh I love it! PG looks so great!!!! I need to dress up SG more. I don't torture her NEARLY as much as I did Indiana. It's just not right!

Sparky's Mom said...

Hahahhaha. Haven't we all been slacking a little lately?

And LOL at PG! Love the look!

Anonymous said...

I think I recall seeing a picture where you dressed Kathy up just like this... In a campground in Nelson I believe.... She kinda had the same look PG has. : ) You so crazy!!!