Tuesday 19 April 2011

me so sad

Well today has been a real bummer. 'Chica' the mexican pup me and my compadre, Joey, wrangled off of Isla Mujeres a few years back, died today. She had a rough go of it towards the end as Joey told me. But she could still wag her tail despite that. Makes me shake my head and smile. Yes, I smile, thinking of her on that beach in Mexico, just a bundle of sweetness and total innocence. Doing her best to survive another day. Joey, you did such a big, good thing that day. You made the difference in one dog's life and I know she made a difference in yours. R.I.P. 'la chica dulce',
a real good dog.


ingrid said...

Well. What can I say other than I know this pain. May the memories keep away the darkness.
My heart bleeds for your loss and your friend.

Joey Boshart said...

Today I read your blog and realized that last night I wrote this to you....Seriously, I hadn't read your blog before today.. you got the 'crying' pic..

"Today I thought about how hard it is to love and let go... how, like you said, it feels as if you're going to die. Love is the most blessed and cursed thing in life. It brings us our greatest joy and security, and still, when lost, leaves us hollow and hurting, not because we didn't or weren't loved but because we did and were loved.

G, remember how I cried when we finally found Chica, after we went to Poo Poo Apt (what the hell was it called "Casa Crappa" ???) on Isla..??. I thought that I had lost her... then she found us.. and I cried, and cried, tears of joy. I thought about it today... even through my pain my tears are for joy... the joy of knowing her, and loving her, and giving her the love she so terribly deserved, and was so afraid to believe could be hers. My loss is great, but in knowing her and loving her, my gain is greater. I just pray she knows how terribly much we all loved, and ADORED her. EVERYONE... seriously... EVERYONE is crying with us over her.... Tonight I told her that I hope she knows how GREAT she was in the world she served.... That lil Mexi mut changed lives in ways she could never understand... She truly was an angel and had a furry little white winged arrow on her back to prove it."

Sparky's Mom said...

Awwww, Rest in Peace lil Chica... Say 'hi' to Cowgirl, Indiana, and Sparky for us.