Thursday 21 April 2011


I was hoping to not have to write this but here goes. PonyGirl has not eaten or drank for 7 days now. It started last Thursday morning with vomiting that wouldn't stop. We got that stopped with an anti-nausea injection. Since then she has refused any food or water or anything we have tried to tempt her with. She is lethargic and very sad and seemingly depressed. We have been back and forth to the vet's this whole week and done a myriad of tests -- all come back normal -- she is seemingly a 'healthy dog' except for the fact that she is starving to death. She has lost weight and lord knows she can't afford that as she is pretty skinny already. She does not appear to be in any pain, either. Today, we discussed 'exploratory surgery' as we are all stumped. Since everything else has come up clean, the vet is thinking more and more that there is an obstruction. But we all decided to try one more night with (gulp) forced feedings of macerated food and water through a syringe. Before we even made it home from this last visit, she vomited again in the car (just the miniscule tidbits we had convinced her to eat this morning). So, another call to the vet's office. I am waiting for the vet to call us back to schedule the surgery. Most likely tomorrow morning but maybe tonight. We are not trying anymore feeding as it seems pretty obvious now that there is something stuck down there. This post may be lacking in some details, but yes, we have considered everything else it could possibly be and this is where we are at this time. Wish us a good outcome please.
Addendum: We made it through surgery. The 'thing' was found and removed. Patient is in recovery. More details to follow in another post...soon. We are over the worst.


kevel88 said...

Remember that the Pony G was created for you. She will be a survivor. Don't know how you will possibly keep her quiet once she gets home. Ben seemed to know his limits after his surgery and stuck by me for the first week.

Love you all


ingrid said...

Oh my gosh im so upset! And im on my damn phone on lunch break reading this so my typing is crap n i cant cry im public!! This is crazy- prayers to pony girl!!!!

Sparky's Mom said...

I'm just stunned and maybe forgive my ignorance, but they couldn't see the obstruction on an x-ray??? Sheesh! That's scary!