Tuesday 8 November 2011


The nights here are fairly remarkable in that over-the-top, oh-its-so-cold outside, kind of a way. Being away from city lights makes for a darkness that is in such contrast when the moon makes its appearance. In addition, the re-cycling, re-purposing, un-consumpting, re-storing, de-constructing
and re-doing of the MO-bile, has started.
Little things are finding their way in and a bunch of things have moved on. A vision is e-volving or maybe I should say de-volving? SO MUCH FUN


kevel88 said...

did you add that lamp? Very cute

ingrid said...

home sweet home!!
I too have been enjoying a certain new level of darkness. Nothing to compare to yours, but being on a little tiny side street in the city is much different than I would have thought. It's quiet and dark at night with just a faint glow of ONE street lamp. Ha - yes, that's darkness compared to what I'm used to.

Sounds like you have a bunch of fun things planned. Keep the pictures coming!!!! So exciting!