Monday 14 November 2011


Heading south of the border....well the Canadian border that is...and down into SoCal for a little bit. Sitting here this a.m. watching the flurries loating down and the SUN shining and just hoping this mild weather hangs on until we drive out of here. Looking forward to checking back in with friends and family and sharing some good times...kicking back, shopping, getting a foot massage (at the Happy Day Spa...oh, John!) and some good eats.
Okay, the picture is me in Mexico, last February, but you get the idea...a little sun, a little sea, a little bit evocative of how 'cali' is so often portrayed in the movies. Yes, everyone has beachfront property.


Anonymous said...

Are you taking your "other" mobile home? Goodness..I'll pray for you..I can't take more than about 4 or 5 days in Cali... but... the pedi's are super cheap.. the mexi food is beyond ... email me the scoop... Love you Ho... Miss you too..

Hugs from the SoDak Bday HO! Thanks for posting on my bday.... It's like an unexpected present. :)

Anonymous said...

El Paso is just a hop, skip and jump from SoCal. And we have better Mexican food!

J, C & L

ingrid said...

What a great photo!!! You look so happy!!
I miss the ocean!!! And the warm sunny sunshine!

hugs from chilly philadelphia!

ingrid said...


Anonymous said...

howz my pony girlfriend?