Sunday 4 December 2011

happpy day

In case you were wondering, we made it down south & back with only one minor incident. We managed to get rear-ended (the Xterra that is) while stopped at a red light in Bend, Oregon. Great guy who does classic car restoration for a living, so who better to run into us? It was an easy fix on the way back north. Always great to see close friends and relatives, but honestly, do not miss So-Cali in any way, shape or form. It seems so intense with the sport of 'shopping' remaining the sport of the included. I get just as caught up as anyone but my shopping muscles are so non-existent. I am totally out of shape for 'power- shopping'. I try, but without the daily shopping workouts of the past I quickly lose stamina. I can only get through two maybe three stores with their e n d l e s s choices and fab-ulously low prices, before I zone out. Its depressing. But then I find my rational mind again and with a little self-talk I get myself back to the 'real' world as in....what do I really need as opposed to...what do I want???? Crisis averted. Oh, oh, oh...must talk about the 'foot massage' that my dear K-grrl treated me to. This is the one indulgence that cannot be denied when down Sacramento way. An option that simply does not exist in my neck of the woods. The spa is aptly named 'Happy Day' and after the treatment which starts at your head and eventually gets to your feet, with all in-between body parts attended to first, leaves you feeling (no words to describe)...HAPPY, maybe? So, anyway, back home again with a few choice items picked up during my frenzy...I mean, come on, I am not a total lightweight and a good deal sometimes is just that, a good deal. I didn't even sprain an ankle or bust a hip or even pull a muscle. So, I guess I'm not that out of shopping shape.


ingrid said...

I despise shopping so much I would actually pay a higher price just to get away from people, crowds, bad store music, and the whole frenzy. Hate it. I don't even like food shopping. It's just not in my blood.

Glad you found some deals though, it is fun to find things on vacation (I somehow justify spending money on needless items when I'm on vacation)

SG & I send hugs and love to you from Philadelphia!

kevel88 said...

Oh, Happy Day. . . Got to be at the top of my favorite things list!!!
Sally is getting a close run for Lucas. Still can't get Ernie to go over and get a work-out. He just moans and groans and sits on his throne with the heating pad.

Sure had fun with you guys. . .