Thursday 22 December 2011


Oh, we are living in the lap of MO-bile luxury, we are. Flannel sheets, down comforters (count'em...two) and a view out the window of the very place we want to
and not just for the holidays. You would think it would be hard to get up in the a.m. and for some of us (aka 'Baddog') it is indeed. She apparently does not respond to the lure of perking java which works its magic on me no problem.


Joey Boshart said...

Sheer, unadulterated joy. :)

Merry Christmas -

Ho Ho, Jo Jo

kevel88 said...

Morning has broken. . . Light up the dawn!!
I slept in so I didn't see the dawn today, but sure had a fabulous sunset. In fact, I was sitting in the jacuzzi at the gym. Don't you have a jacuzzi?

Seize the day!!

Love ya Gina Prima

ingrid said...

So awesome!! So beautiful there! I do have a wonderful tent......I may have to take you up on your offer if life does indeed send me in your direction! ;)