Thursday 1 March 2012

PonyGirl says...

Today we are trying something new. Apparently, 'someone' (can you say 'Ingrid'?) thinks that my answers to the following random questions might be interesting....I have my doubts so I am going to follow her lead and answer the questions according to PonyGirl and her quirky worldview. ...therefore, PonyGirl says:
  • Describe yourself in seven words....well, that would be... SIT, WAIT, LEAVE IT, GOOD GIRL, NOooooooooooo! (truth be told, I know a couple more like, 'ride', 'dinner', 'cookie', 'bone', 'what's that?').
  • What keeps you up at night? Nothing. Absolutely, nothing keeps me up at night. I sleep like a puppy. I keep others up at night though in my search for the warmest part of the bed and the need to stretch out my legs straight in order to have enough room. Perhaps a king-sized bed is in order, people!
  • Who would you like to be? Somebody called "Cowgirl" because I very often get called accident they say.
  • What are you wearing now? I am still in bed so I guess that would be the down comforter with the flannel duvet cover....hey, its my day off.
  • What scares you? Oh boy, that would be a couple of things. Mostly, it is things that do not scare other dogs (they just don't know) like the broom....I hate it! I also hate when something falls on the floor and makes a loud noise. It also scares me if there is something 'new' in the yard like when the pile of sand got dumped in the driveway and covered with a tarp -- I had to bark at that for quite a while before I figured out it was dead.
  • The best and worst of blogging? That best would have to be our e-pals who we would love to meet someday and play outside with and maybe run in the woods and bark at stuff. The worst is we should be outside playing not writing stuff and wondering if anyone cares....comments?...yes please.
  • What was the last web-site you visited? I do not know that word but 'she' says it was 'Ingrid & Indiana's' blog....who btw I have kind of known since day one.
  • What is the one thing you change about yourself? Nothing. I am content and happy. Life in the country is so much fun!
  • Slankets, yes or no? Definitely a word I do not know.
  • Tell us something about the person/people who tagged you. Well we must really like them a lot because we never do these kinds of things because like I said before....we should be outside playing in the snow!
  • Choose eight (two) bloggers to tag next. Well, I will try but my guess is they are all going to be too lazy or tell me that they 'work for a living' and don't have time like I do for all this foolishness, but maybe they will surprise me 'cause they all have dogs too and could let them answer the questions! We'll see.

  1. Joey in SoDak
  2. K-grrl in Sac


Joey Boshart said...

You are a PSYCHIC..... I actually thought..."HEY, MY NEXT BLOG" which I will do. LOVE IT, LOVE her, LOVE YOU AND ST THOM mostest.. BTW, thanks for making me MOST PREDICTABLE. :)

Joey Boshart said...

PS... I didn't say WHEN I was going to post... just said I would... eventually... :o)

Love you, mean it...

Anonymous said...

So you think you can write. . . Well, so can I!!

Describe yourself in seven words....well, that would be...
LOVER! Beautiful, although sometimes stinky! SUPER SMART!! SENSITIVE!! WELL-BEHAVED! AGING GRACEFULLY! That's at least 7 I could go on and on but I will spare you!?!?

What keeps you up at night?
Nothing, since my hearing is going, I sleep peacefully all night and most of the day.

What scares you?
I despise the vacuum and a camera. . . The flash just washes out my beautiful brown eyes!

What is the one thing you change about yourself?
I could use some fat on my bones, but that would mean I would have to exercise less and I just love galloping to either side of the property to bark at the neighbors annoying animals. Yeah, maybe I could be a pony. . . Pony Boy!

Who would you like to be?
I would say with with my maturity, I am really comfortable in my own skin. All my forefathers were named Ben Dover, but my master says I am the best Ben he has ever had. .. . That just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!!

What are you wearing now?
Well, baby, just come check me out!! I am buck naked except for the most adorable bandana around my neck. Just hold that thought!!

Later Babe! Come see me soon!

Your pal,

kevel88 said...

What some people do for a little attention!?!?!? And to blog!?!?

BOBOJOJO said...

I can't even describe my big toe in seven words