Wednesday 22 February 2012

me in action

Sometimes feeling bemused and befuddled can lead me into a feeling of vague uncertainty. Actually, this particular state of being usually means to me that I need to get my fat arse into gear. So, yesterday I (finally) got on my x-country skis and got onto the river trail. It was amazing and eerie and cold and so beautiful and did I mention, quiet? How could I have forgotten how wonderful an aerobic workout feels...I didn't, I just got out of the habit since moving to the country. We all know the countless excuses for NOT exercising so no need for me to list mine. While they can be compelling the key is not letting the excuses slip and slide into becoming your 'lifestyle'. Okay, that is my motivational speech to myself. Talk amongst yourselves as I need to lift some weights now. Seriously.


kevel88 said...

A descent picture of the beautiful trail, would have been nice. . . Were you huffing and puffing too much? Careful!! blow your house down.


ingrid said...

I start another 9 week conditioning/training course next week. (for trapeze) I just hope I'm up for it; I've been sick all week. Luckily I have Nurse Scarlett Grey to keep me company and not laugh at my horrible bed-head and red stuffy nose. :(

ingrid said...

psttt - I "tagged" you.

ingrid said...

If I remember correctly, today may be a bit of a bittersweet day for you. Scarlett & I send our love.