Friday 10 February 2012


It seems like most of the bloggers I tend to regularly read, have lately been writing about such 'serious' things. Major life issues, deep thoughts, emotions, cancer, gratitude and stuff like that. Well, here I go getting with the trend. Why does it seem when you start to believe that things are going really well and that you might just be....HAPPY...that some incident can throw you over the edge? There I was today, just as confident and sure of myself, and dealing with things perfectly fine, when I let someone's off hand remark and pissy attitude push me down a metaphoric spiral staircase. My tendency is of course, in these situations, to try to protect that other person's reputation and to 'cover' for their rudeness. I realize I am being vague (purposely) because that is just what I do....I would never,ever embarrass someone else even when they so deserve it. Much better to take on that role myself. God, I hate it when I do that. I hate it when I convince myself that I am responsible for someone else acting like an jerk. There. I said a not so nice word about someone and put it out on the internet where it will stay forever,floating in space, swirling around like that place in the ocean with all the plastic trash.


Joey Boshart said...

Yeeee owwwww!!!! I want to hear the rest of the story!!! Do you feel better now that you bled out a little? Venting always makes me feel better... makes it a little easier to breathe when you shake the schmutz you been feeling off.

BTW... I'm hoping it wasn't me that was a JERK... Yeee owwww! Let me know if was. I was joking about your rubbers... I LOVE them and would buy some myself if I could justify it.

The Ho Below

kevel88 said...

ME too. I think Your black Hunters are beautiful. . .

Vent away. . . :'<

ingrid said...

I blame winter. Maybe you can't if you're one of those cold-day-snow-loving-bunny-hopping people. I am not. We've had no real snow, and no real terribly cold temperature, yet I still manage to hate winter. It's come a little earlier for me this year. I blame that on being home non-stop due to unemployment. Everyone I talk to who was laid off in the past, was laid off in the summer and told me they had a blast. Other than our days to the park (not always a short drive) I stay inside avoiding all the poop that this part of town seems to think is ok to leave all over the only patch of grass the poor dogs have...and avoiding all the dog owners who let their dogs bite my girl in the face. (seriously people, retractable leashes are not cool for aggressive dogs) ok, now I'm e-venting right back at you.

Talk about downward spiral. Geez. Sorry.
Well maybe I'll meet you in the plastic trash swirl of anger and depression, and we'll collide, and bump each other right back out and into happiness.

Until then, e-venting is fine by me. (clearly as I am a culprit)

Hugs to you and Pony Girl from me and SG!

Cowgirl said...

Thanks my e-pals....I admit that I do feel so much better after my e-rant...xo