Thursday 2 February 2012

Snow Falling on MO-bile...

Ah, the MO-bile in winter repose, sitting pretty and counting the days until we can throw open those windows and doors and just come and go with out a 20minute layering-up routine beforehand. Still re-muddling the interior and painting and re-purposing. We are moving into the nether regions now and starting to think about the bathing area. What to do? What to do? You know I have all kinds of ideas. I am thinking: chains, better view outside, shower drain in the floor and some other 'not your mother's bathroom' scenarios. This is all subject to change as is usual with DIY renos. Isn't that the fun of it?
It does drive some members of the clan quite crazy but that is their cross to bear.
My job is to get my way.
Yes, I do admit to some mistakes.
We all remember the matching, 500 pound, concrete end tables I had made, don't we?
They were really fun to move around the house.


Kari in Alaska said...

brrr brrr brr

Stop on by for a visit

ingrid said...

ooooo, so pretty!! No snow here yet, of course. Yours is beautiful. I've been enjoying some minor, (very minor) home projects like painting my kitchen and attempting to turn my cheap Ikea chairs into fancy looking "authentic" carpentry work. Yeah, not sure how this'll turn out, but hell, I've got the time .....

Have fun with your projects!!