Tuesday 14 February 2012


Okay, so a friend gave me two boxes of these fabulous B&W, vinyl
peel & stick, tiles.
At first I thought I would use them on the floor
in maybe the mudroom or somewhere else.
So I stashed them out in the shed.
And there they waited.
Then, we continued the 'whiting-out' of the MO-bile.
I was thinking as we were painting this alcove where the fridge and the washer and dryer sit, that something
wasn't quite right and it was the fact that things were too
white. Too blah. Something was needed to liven things up.
Now that little corner of the kitchen
"just pops".
Simple MO-bile minds.


ingrid said...

haha! This is toooo funny! I am in the process of learning how to RID my bathroom of b&w checkers!

Mine are on the floor, and the bathroom is two shades of green. Previous owners had a sort of beach theme going on. I love the beach, but not the two shades of dull green which just look horrible with b&w giant checkers on the floor. I'm repainting the walls, (not green) and hope to re-do the floors.

I have to admit though, your wall looks awesome now!!

Joey Boshart said...

POP it does!!! Really wakes up that sleepy corner and I must say, the chains work very, very well with it. Kind of reminds me of your shower in DP, but this took what, an afternoon? and ... your shower in DP took what, a year??? MO-Byle living is easier I'm thinking!!! I do love it as it is so Gina-esque.

kevel88 said...

I like it!! Very retro. . . Could add some red appliances!!

Red toaster, etc. . .


Joey Boshart said...

PS... I forgot to say...

"Nobody does it better...."

You are the Queen of the Trailer!!! Love you, MEAN IT!