Wednesday 20 June 2012

room with a view

One of the benefits of living in a rainforest is that along with all the rain,  you also get to see a lot of
Of course, they seem like much more of a miracle in person than any of my photos can capture.
But, in light of the heaps of regret that come with  posting something so benign, so quietly it is.
Not much to add to this except to point out the obvious fact that it was a fleeting event  and this particular 'bow seemed to me to be a bit on the lazy side in the way it lounged
 along the mountain.
Not so clearly pointing to that pot of gold, 
but more of a laid-back, it might be there or it might not be there kind of attitude.




Anonymous said...

This is a special spot. . . loving almost every minute. . . Where there is a rainbow--there is RAIN!! But also SUN. . . So let it shine!!

ingrid said...

I need more trees in my life. I've been so busy, I haven't even been camping ONCE yet this year!!!
Kind of stinks. But someone is afraid of thunder so I have to be positive we have good weather, which is not possible to do.

Ah well.

Bible Chick said...

I can't believe you caught it on film. Apparently we know where YOUR pot of gold is. :) I like the benign and lovely. Just got back from our Lakeside Property (aka Bismarck) and had a lovely time, thunder, lightening and all. Maybe Ingrid could get her dog earplugs. :)

BOBOJOJO said...

Laid back it might be there... it might not be there???

If they get any more laid back there they'll time warp into another dimension.

What does it say when you have to go to Rural Mexico to find some excitement after being in the hectic pace of downtown Castlegar.

Someone's been in the West Kooteneys for too long.

I hate this %#@!*&%$ font