Monday 2 July 2012

What's the Point?

It's been a fun-filled few weeks here in the valley of the Crescent as it always is when a favorite 'relation' comes to visit and....STAYS to play.   Why the 'quotes' you may ask?     It is a long, long story with many liberties taken but here it goes.... A 'cousin' of sorts is here and staying in the MotorHovel campsite.  We (this 'cousin' of sorts and I) had  known of each other for a few years (an entire lifetime really)  when one day we realized that we really like eachother.   This being  due to sharing  a similar sense of the absurd and a genuine love of mescal.  Thus, we decided (sub-consciously, of course) to become good friends.   You know how those things know someone casually for years and then something clicks and voila you ask yourself "where have you been all my life?"     
Well,   one day  we come to find out that we are actually somewhat related via a convoluted web,  of marriages  (and divorces).  This amazing information is gleaned from the wide world web.   This was not your usual  kind of discovery as the lines are much more blurred and need a bit of 'faith' to actually connect the dots.  It is a stretch,   but,  this 'eureka' moment was one we both chose to embrace wholeheartedly and have since declared ourselves 'cousins' from that day forward.    Now all the pressure is off and we are no longer required to be on best behaviour all the time.   Like all good relatives we now allow the occasional lapse into naughtiness without the fear of  a rift or a misunderstanding  turning into a 'disowning'  or  a 'growing apart' sort of situation.    We can humiliate and taunt without recrimination.  We can annoy and then re-group.  We can gossip about others and we can agree on what everyone else should be doing.    We are after all, 'related',  not by blood,  but by the internet,  which trumps scissors any way you play it.

Life is good.


kevel88 said...

THE ORIGINAL Doukhobor!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't she precious. . . Longing for the old country. . . or maybe this year, she is just longing for SUNSHINE!!
Guess you northerners don't remember what that looks or feels like!?!?!?

Well, I can't believe you said such nice things. . . I didn't even know what a flat iron was in this picture. I am surprised you let me "hang around". I think I had big puffy bangs and was a "aging country singer"!!

But at last, due to my extreme makeover this summer under the influence of mescal . . . . I am a new woman! And I am BEAUTIFUL DAMMIT!!


BOBOJOJO said...

What Have you done to that poor girl?

You "HAVE" indeed DuKabohrizes her.
All that remains now is a proper plough-fitting, a lesson or two in Hog-Calling, and it's fie de complee

Is she waiting for a sign from God to being her people north; not unlike Moses, or spear-fishing for Kokenee.


ingrid said...

hhaha!! I love those relationships!!! Glad you've been "reunited" with and "old relative".