Sunday 25 November 2012

Pity, pity pot

I had a slight stumble this past week but I've since recovered my balance.    We're talking 'emotional' stumbles here not the break-a-hip kind.   I shall blame it on the 'headache' that lasted for 4 days and led me to believe that I was not long for this earth.   It also could have been some dysfunctional family interactions but,  whoa, babies,  it's dark in there.      Well, off the pity pot am I now,  so listen up little ones as the message here is loud & clear:   

 Me back and as delusional as ever...will I ever grow up and not enjoy this stuff?


Moss said...

OK let's snap out of this and get those knitting needles knitting!

Anonymous said...

You go from "THE GOOD LIFE" to "PITY,PITY POT". Yes, quite dysfunctional!


Cowgirl said...

Tell me about it A-NON-eee-Mouse! I am first to admit I am all over the board but really, isn't everybody?

cheers, me

Cowgirl said...
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