Wednesday 5 December 2012

Something about today

I like graveyards.  I especially like ones like this one just off the road somewhere in the middle of the USof A.   They have been having a drought down there for a few years now and lots of things besides people are dead or dying or drying up.  No more rivers, creeks, streams, lakes, ponds or reservoirs...all gone....all dried up.  Most of the city folks seem oblivious and continue to use water like it is plentiful.  Their cups are running over.  Their glasses are more than half full.  Their lawns are very green. 

Today we walked along the river here in the valley.  It's a big, wide river.   So much water.  Water gushing everywhere.  Water seeping out of rocks.  No snow here yet which is worrisome in the grand scheme of things and quite warm temps for  December,  but reassuring to know that there is water still close by.  


kevel88 said...

We are not drying up here. . . So "emotional stumbling"? Did you fall off the fiscal cliff? Hope you have turned the corner or climbed out of the valley, or whatever. . . where did you put the celexa!?!?.

xoxo you you crazy chick

ingrid said...

NIce photos.
Why is it I like grave yards; tiny little places with seemingly individual personalities, yet cemeteries, mass production of graves and plots and such, freak me out. Something very wrong about it to me.
I haven't quite figured it out, but then, I don't let my mind think on it too often.