Sunday 23 December 2012


       My mexi-mutt is all about the snow!  Right now it is so deep that she has to 'swim' through it and that suits her just fine.  For some reason the fun  is more, better, bigger, longer, louder when I am out there with her.     No matter what it is we are doing -- could be just hauling the compost out or shoveling the walkway-- she is MY dog when we are out in the thick of it--and she lets me know it.  She is jumping for joy  all over the place and her be so happy makes me get big smile.  We aren't dreaming of a white Christmas we are having one.  


kevel88 said...

Glad you are having a WHITE CHRISTMAS! I am having a wet, soggy Christmas.

For a Mexican Mutt, she could care less about the beach!! Give her SNOW instead. . . Looks like snow suits her just fine!!


Anonymous said...

What a great picture!!! LOVE it!!!! If only we all could celebrate the simplistic things that dogs do simply by nature. I'm glad they try to show us the way. :)

Chad said...

Merry new year to you quiet world folks...nestled down in your software, I presume...enjoyed the mescal contact high on New Years eve!


ingrid said...

So awesome!!
Indiana loved the snow - she was the same way; just me standing next to her in snow, even on the boring city sidewalk, was apparently the most exciting thing in the world.

No snow here other than the occasional flake.