Friday 29 November 2013

Peripheral Vision


        So as I was lying at the bottom of the stairs off the back deck yesterday afternoon, I was thinking I would probably freeze to death out here.  Everything around here has a thin sheeting of ice on it which is easy to not notice, hence the slip&fall down the steps.   After a moment of assessment (nothing broken, just banged up)  I realized that yelling for help was doing  me no I stopped.     I crawled back up and onto the deck.  As I lay there with the dog jumping about and frantically licking my face just outside the glass doors, Major T. was understandably engrossed in a 'Breaking Bad' episode while a  real life drama (me flailing) was going on just a few feet away. Peripheral vision is a gift bestowed upon many of us but not all of us.

      Today I am just starting to see some good looking bruises and I suspect they will get even better with time.  From now on when I leave the house I will file an flight plan so at least there will be something to work with when conducting the eventual search. 

      Yeah, it was just an accident.   No one to blame although I was pretty mad at my self and my inattentiveness.     A simple,  slip&fall down, go boom, nothing broken, no real harm done.  Just made me realize once again that ultimately we are in this alone and we are going to go out alone.  There really isn't anyone else that can save us.   




kevel88 said...

Poor baby!! Is that what you call "lake effect" or "black ice". Anyway, painful. . . come over and we will go to Happy Day together!!


Dana G said...

We are all ALONE....didn't Alyce say it best? Xo