Tuesday 5 November 2013

the minimalist's dilemma

 I've had this painting of my mum & dad for a number of years.  It's always been shrouded and hidden away in a garage, closet,  storage facility or shed.  
I've moved it from city to city and even to another country.
A minimalist's dilemma, for sure.
I was never very fond of it.

That is,  until recently.
Not sure why,  but when I uncovered it this past summer (in the shed) I kind of fell for it.
Not sure what changed -- duh, me?
It's a simple likeness of two simply lovely people --before the rest of their lives. 
A precious and fleeting moment captured and framed and kept safe and sound for this very moment.  

Mum & Dad

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness this is amazing!!! And not just a photo, a painting. So beautiful in so many ways. I'm glad it found a place in your heart finally. And what a frame!! I suppose history is unexciting until we have a bit of our own? -ingrid & SG