Tuesday 13 April 2010

Say When

Want vs. need. Luxuries or necessities? Come on, a big comfortable bed with clean sheets and a down comforter? Indoor plumbing? Hot water? The list goes on and on and on. What a delectable world we live in with just these basics. Yes, I consider those things some of the basics. I do live in North America after all. Then, there is food. That is an issue that can be so simplified merely by deciding to only eat, grow & buy REAL food. Sure your choices are pared down, but what a relief that actually is. It it ain't food then why put in in your mouth? Well, okay, that is not a trick question and this is not an x-rated post but we will make that exception and concession to adolescent humour. I will admit that I can get sucked into the vortex of want just as easily as anyone else. Sometimes I have to have some thing because it is beautiful (earrings, sexy boots, french perfume, my Alessi tea kettle...okay I'll stop) but the less often that happens the more I treasure those few items. The best is when function & beauty collide. That my dear little puppies is when she lives happily ever after. The end.


ingrid said...

I was treading on similar grounds recently.

I was walking my new pup and looked down to admire her cute little dog tag. A $14 dog tag. That's right - fourteen dollars. I thought about how all Indie ever had was the dog license tag with the basic "call if lost" # on it. I even hesitated to purchase the $2 personalized i.d. tag from Hartz. That 2 bucks could be spent on a fun toy!

Now, times are better, and while Indie caught a part of this new era, Scarlett is the one prancing around with a new $14 dog tag. (as well as cuddling up in one of Indie's final Christmas presents - a new fleece blanket to replace old sheets/throws that I could muster up for her)
The tag is durable in all kinds of weather, salt water and what not, and I thought; "Well I need durability."

need? or want?

Joey Boshart said...

Perfectly said... It is a beautiful time in life when you read things you need to hear but don't want to (The China Study, The Bible, Etc.), you decide the VERY best things in life are simple... Here are my top 5: 1)LOVE - blessed to get, most blessed to give 2)Rescuing a puppy/kitten 3)the "magical" bed... fine linens, down comforters, LOTS of pillows... 4)hot water (lots or little - either does the trick)...5)Wine and fine, simple, whole, "feel-good-food", in this I mean veggies, OJ, potatoes (maybe some chicken too).These simple things bring my happiness...Life is good.....all the time, when you chose.

kevel88 said...

"WHEN". . . .


BOBOJOJO said...

Again with the boots Gee.
Que Paso con the foot fetish girly?

Just yankin your chain Vaquera.
I like to pamper the pinkies
tam bien.

Yeah, Yeah, I know Post or Perish
Pronto, Pronto,

I've been trying to write for dough lately.Getting published in that Porn Rag,( as you so eloquently refer to it), down south.
Lots of promises but not much in the way of tangible currency. Just as well, I'd only blow it food and shelter anyway.
Going a different way with my blog Gee. Stay tuned.

BOBOJOJO said...

I have posted
Therefore I am