Friday 9 April 2010

When Good Things Happen

When something nice so unexpectedly happens, it is such a treat. A chance meeting on a trail in the woods on a frigid day and 'voila' somebody is giving me a really nice winter coat for my pup. Her eyes told me the story first and then when she asked more questions about 'the girl' I knew her interest went beyond the typical 'what kind of a dog is that' question. You know what followed was the sweet short story of her dearly, departed dog. It was nice listening to her and having that moment of meeting a kindred spirit. I popped over to her house later in the afternoon. It turns out she lives in one of my favorite houses in town, just a few blocks away. The coat is perfect and my camera is missing-in-action so the picture posted is totally random. There you go...a random act of kindness. Feels good.


kevel88 said...

Cant wait to meet your neighbor. You might deserve a new camera!

ingrid said...

How lovely.
Kindred spirit indeed.
thanks for sharing.

Sparky's Mom said...

Aw, warms my heart ... thanks.