Saturday 3 April 2010

She's Got Some Legs

Oh, bear with me. Sometimes it's just time for gratuitous puppy pictures and some bragging. PonyGirl has entered into a wonderful new phase just recently. I think all our work together is finally paying off. We have been consistent with the rules as well as the rewards even when it would have been easier to go the lazy route and let things slide. She has learned to enjoy and savor her meals. She eats everything. She is far less barky. She sits by the door instead of dashing out as soon as it opens. She greets people in a friendly way (although we are still working on the excited jumping up on them). And, a really big one is that after people arrive in the house...she actually goes and lies down on her bed and goes to sleep! Even while we are eating! It has a lot to do with the exercise and let me tell you, this girl needs a lot of exercise. Hence, it has become the daily priority to tucker her out. This can only be done when at the end of our hour long walk/run we meet up with other dogs so they can play eachother to exhaustion. It is fun to watch and the dogs always work it out as long as the people don't interfere. I guess not everybody watches the dog shows on NG. Having a dog around just seems like the natural order of things. Having a well-mannered, secure, & happy best friend in the house and on the trail and by your side is just -- right. If you can, if you're thinking about adopting/rescuing, do it. As the saying goes, 'it won't change the world but it will change the world for that dog' or something pretty close to that. You get the idea.


kevel88 said...

I had Ben groomed yesterday and he is just so beautiful!! His coat is so soft. He just lays his head in my lap and just enjoy loving him. Ponygirl is a sweet gift. Enjoy the moment and the time you have with her.

Eric said...

OMG! She is B-U-TEE-FUL! I love her and I haven't even met her. I just know she is going to be the most beautiful dork EVER (well next to my Syd). I love the fotogs. So glad you're back online and blogging (tee-hee)... we all have to take a hiatis sometime.

Love you (and your dog, and you husband)


Dog By Nature said...

Good job on all the work with Ponygirl...those puppies can wear you out, LOL! She's settled in nicely and we know she's just loving life now.

Sparky's Mom said...

What a beautiful pup Ponygirl is! I know I've seen pics of her before, but these are just beautiful :)

PS: Thanks for the note, meant a lot to me... I'm back now :)