Wednesday 5 May 2010

Happy Birthday Puppy

What I was attempting here was a birthday 'cake' of spare ribs sort of thing. Something only a dog could appreciate and go crazy over. Looks delectable, doesn't it? You better believe PonyGirl certainly thought it was. She got a little crazy (well, more so than usual) and we only gave her a couple of them to celebrate the event. This was after torturing her by making her pose for pictures. She of course, thought she was going to get the entire pile so proceeded to eat her allotted two in record speed. Sorry, sweet tarte, but there will be another meal and you are so acting like a dog here. We have taken the liberty of moving the PonyGirl's birthday forward a couple of days to 'Cinco de Mayo' . This will make it easier for us to remember and anyway she was born in La Paz, Mexico so it fits. So, by all calculations she is now 1 year old. What we know now is that she is a bit of a gangly, silly, hungry, playful & mischievous girl. Not an A-student and maybe not college material but doing the best she can. We love the skinny rascal and are having a blast.


Sparky's Mom said...

I love you posts, I love your writing, I feel like I'm right in the middle of the spare ribs. Lol. Ponygirl is such a good kid. Happy Birthday sweet puppy!

Joey Boshart said...

You and Saint Thomas are the best gift she ever received. And yes, I know... she's right up there on your "best gift" list too.

Happy Birthday Ponygirl!!!!

Hoey, Rick, Syd and Chica Monkey


kevel88 said...

Wow, 1year old. Ben's just had a birthday, but I forgot to give him any ribs. Remember the last time you have him that bone? Hard to believe he is already 10yrs old. Congratulations to the girl. She's come a long way baby.

Dog By Nature said...

Happy Birthday PG! That is one pawsome cake, hee, hee.