Tuesday 18 May 2010

Health Food?

I am just posting this picture because this cake was delicious and so pretty. I made it for a friend's birthday. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I am finally learning how to bake. For-ever, I have believed that I was not a baker. But, over the last couple of years I have picked & chosen a few special recipes to try and master and this is my latest. It is an Italian almond cake. It calls for 'almond paste' as one of the ingredients and guess what?!? I made the paste myself. ( The miracle of the internet ). I was amazed at how easy it is to make and now almond paste has been demystified. Life, really is getting simpler by the day. Oh, dear god, what is next? Actually, I am thinking of fostering a Mexican puppy. We are trying to work out the details of getting one here. Its complicated, but not impossible. I love how this movement is taking on a life of its own and more and more people are finding 'mutts' in the most unlikely places. More to follow as this develops.


Joey Boshart said...

Uh-Oh...You're getting another dog. Not only will your anniversary gift be arriving soon, your new baby is too.... I speak from experience. : ) Send baby pix. In fact, I'm holding the Paula Dean hostage until I see photos, then we can negotiate the rest.

Yum.. I wanna taste the half-baked, Fruity side of Gina.



ingrid said...

oh how wonderful!!! I think you are a perfect candidate for a multi-dog home! My one sister just rescued her second dog (a pit-puppy from here in Philly) So now she has 2 rescue dogs and 6 rescue cats and a handful of rescued fish ( if you can believe it) in her pond. I'd love to have enough money to retire, move out of the city to some land (like your previous post's pics) and take care of more animals.

Not to mention, have more time to bake!!
Congrats, and good luck!!!

kevel88 said...

Looks good enough to eat!!

Does fostering just till someone adopts? Or are you basically getting another dog?


Sparky's Mom said...

Awwww, your thinking about another puppy! How sweet ... (clearly, I haven't read any of your other posts yet, as I am working my way from the bottom up ;)

Uhm, that cake does look delish. I think I have to go and find some chocolate now ... lol